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Below are articles written by Alan Butler, chartered certified accountant from
A Bulter and Co. of Derby. Some of these articles have been published by Ezine Articles and Alan has been awarded Expert Author status by this prestigious article publishing web site.

1. The Importance of Bookkeeping in a Business

In this article Alan stresses that keeping business accounts is a legal requirement and then lists all the transaction that you must record.

2. Advantages of Accountancy Software

There are several advantages to adopting accountancy software - not the least of which is the peace of mind you have when you know that all your records are securely stored and backed up!

3. Can I try accounting software for free before I buy it?

Yes you can! You can download a copy of Cash is King accounts software from this web site - read this article to see the advantages of downloading a free trial copy of this accounts package that you can try before you buy.

4. Essential for any Business: Accounting Software

Keeping track of your accounts is an essential aspect of running your business - this article lists the reasons why you should invest in some accounting software.

5. Good accounts packages don't have to be expensive

Keeping track of your accounts is an essential aspect of running your business - this article lists Before you spend a lot of money on a vacuum-packed accounts program from your local store take a look at the Internet - here you can find accounting software that you can try before you buy - and at reasonable prices!

6. Information at your finger tips using Accounts Software

Using accounts software means that you can access your current financial status at the push of a button rather than sorting through piles of paperwork or chasing after your accountant.

7. Keep control of your business finance using Accounting Software

Get away from accounts on scraps of paper - invest in accounting software and gain control of your accounting information!

8. Keep track of your money with Accountancy Software

Accounting Software enables you to have an instant and up-to-date knowledge of your current situation - and this can save you money in several ways.

9. Move your business forward using Accounts Software

In a time of recession it is important to have an accurate knowledge of your fininacial state in real time - accounts software can provide this vital information.

10. Save time and money using accountancy software

Using accounts software has many advantages, not the least of which is to save you money by saving your accountant time.

11. Should I use computerised accountancy packages or manual bookkeeping?

A straightforward question with a simple answer: once you have used a computerised accounts package there is no going back to a paper-based system!

12. What is the right accounting software package for my business?

If you have decided to invest in accounts software choose carefully, since many require an understanding of accountancy which is beyond that of the average business owner. Search the Internet and you will find accountancy packages that do not involve a steep learning curve but will still provide the output you require.

13. What to look for in a good Accounts Package

Before you buy your accounts software there are several questions you should ask before you hand over the money - here are a few suggested questions to help you choose the right accounting software program for your business.

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