Demonstrations on Using the Cash is King Bookkeeping Software

To help you to use Cash is King bookkeeping software we have prepared a series of animated screen shots which show you exactly how to use the mouse and keyboard to perform the necessary operations involved in using this accounts software.

Simply click on one of the buttons below and sit back to see how it's done!

Download and install Cash Is King bookkeeping software How to Download our Simple to use Bookkeeping Software Package
Get Started First Steps in Using Cash is King
Enter a payment How to Enter a Payment
Enter income that is not being matched to a sales invoice on the software Enter income not related to a sales invoice
Create a sales invoice Generate a Sales Invoice
Change the format of my sales invoices Change the look and layout of invoices
Enter Income that is being matched to a sales invoice on the software Enter a payment related to an invoice
Create a credit note Generate a Credit Note
Change a transaction if I have made an error Correct an error
Do a bank reconciliation Check your accounts against your bank statement
Produce my VAT Return Generate a VAT return
Produce Reports using Cash is King accounting software Produce Accounting Reports
Make a backup of my bookkeeping data Backup your accounts data

And remember that when you purchase a 12 month licence for the Cash is King book keeping sofware you have access to unlimted support and free updates.

Cash Is King Book keeping software package - free trial download
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