Bookkeeping Software for the Small Business

Thank you for deciding to purchase a licence for our easy to use accountancy software. The following screens will guide you through the process of buying the licence. Please ensure that you have your credit or debit card to hand.

Start by Installing Cash is King

Please ensure that you have a trial version of Cash is King Bookkeeping Software installed on your computer before proceeding to purchase a licence. (available from clicking on the Download Free Trial at the bottom of the page)

PLEASE NOTE: The licence you are about to purchase can only be used on your current installation of Cash is King Bookkeeping Software, and is not transferable. Should you uninstall the software and reinstall it, you will need to obtain another licence from Four Software Limited.

If you have been using the Trial Version

If you have been running a trial version of Cash is King into which you have entered 'test transactions' and you wish to clear these, uninstall and reinstall the software prior to purchasing a licence. Use the new lock key generated by the reinstalled software when you purchase the licence. If after you have purchased a licence you find you have transactions you wish to delete, use the facility within Transaction maintenance, by clicking on the Transaction maintenance button on the menu screen.

register for the first timeFirst Time Purchasing a Licence

If this is the first time you are purchasing a licence then please click the first time user button.

renew an existing registrationReturning Customers Renewing Your Licence

If you are renewing your licence then please click the returning customer button. If you have forgotten your login username or password please contact us.


Cash Is King Book keeping software package - free trial download
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